Download C Launcher DIY themes hide apps wallpapers for Android

DeveloperC Launcher Team
Latest Version 3.11.9

Customizing your theme, changing wallpapers, and hiding apps are always exciting and fun. But you do need a reliable launcher to make that happen, and the C launcher is definitely the right tool you always wanted. This is a very creative, easy to use the launcher that helps you take smartphone personalization to the next level.

Safe and easy to use

The C launcher uses high-quality protection systems to make sure that your data and information stays private. And the interface is super intuitive too. You get to see what’s new, what’s trending and everything can be adapted and adjusted on the fly. It totally works, and it delivers in some really big ways no matter what. You can even lock apps or hide them so your children won’t see/use certain apps.

Very adaptable to your own needs

C launcher is a very smart tool, and it automatically lets you know how many notifications you didn’t read. The smart folder embedded here allows you to sort your apps based on functionality, which is always very helpful. And to make things even better, you have a widget launch center. In this place, you can easily include a search bar, weather info, clock, and so on. Everything is always here for you to modify the way you want. So today you can have an option, tomorrow another one and so on. It’s creative, exciting, and it always pushes the boundaries and takes things to that next level in a fun way.

Extremely fast

The reason why a lot of people choose the C launcher is that it offers more than just customization features. It also enables you to speed up the device with a single tap. It helps you save battery life by stopping apps you don’t really need to use, and at the same time, it also makes it easier than ever before to clean junk files in no time.
And to make things even better, you also have a fully customizable interface that can be tricked out and modified the way you need without any worries. All of that is exciting, and it really goes to show the thought and commitment brought into this project. It really is something staggering and unique, so just check it out. They even allow you to include 3D effects, not to mention you can make the screen interaction to be fully customizable and personalized in no time.

C launcher APK

With our C launcher APK you get access to all the app features fast and easy. This is a very impressive launcher and smartphone cleanup tool. It really is convenient, unique, and it offers a great array of features all the time. The best part is that C launcher is always easy to change, so if you get bored with a certain theme, you can get another one and use it. That’s really fun and useful, especially if you like to experiment with ideas and try out new stuff all the time. Download the C launcher APK right now and have fun customizing your phone.